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SIGN Guideline

SIGN guidelines are based on a systematic review of the evidence, undertaken by guideline development group members, with support from the SIGN Executive.

Articolo pubblicato il 15.10.2015 in  AREA MEDICI LINEE GUIDA

Guideline Development Process

SIGN Guideline Development Handbook: SIGN 50

A detailed description of SIGN’s methodology, together with examples of checklists, evidence tables and considered judgement forms, is given in our 50th guideline, generally referred to as SIGN 50.

SIGN 50 is updated regularly to take into account any changes in methodology.

Methodological Principles

SIGN guidelines are developed using an explicit methodology based on three core principles:

  • Development is carried out by multidisciplinary, nationally representative groups
  • A systematic review is conducted to identify and critically appraise the evidence
  • Recommendations are explicitly linked to the supporting evidence.

These principles have remained constant since SIGN was first established.

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