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  Venerdì 20 Settembre 2019 19:06

"Me and asthma" in and out-patient specialist setting: implementing good practice

Observatory of Good Practices of Health Promotion for Children and Adolescent in & by Hospitals (Task Force HPH - CA)


 The Clinical Pedagogical Laboratory and Biomedical Research (LCPeRB) was created in 2003 based on the experience of the project “Me and asthma”. the LCPeRB is an education, training and communication centre as well as a provider of health care assistance addressed to children with chronic disease, their families, and to the providers who deal with disease (doctors, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, patient association) with the aim of improving their care, management, quality of life and empowerment.
The target groups of this practice are Children, adolescents, families and doctors. The main goal are to create and use a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pathway in daily practice; to implement International Asthma guidelines; to work together with family doctors while following the Pathway; to achieve and maintain the control of asthma; to improve quality of life and self-management and to raise awareness and empower families.
Main interventions regarded the creation of working group guidelines, the sharing and the implementation of international guidelines at local level, the developing and the using of diagnostic therapeutic pathway in daily practice, and the creation of information leaflets, booklets for children, websites, games.

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