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Implementation of guidelines: the methodology of the adaptation at the local level

Articolo pubblicato il 10.11.2009 in  AREA MEDICI IMPLEMENTAZIONE LINEE GUIDA


Sixty   primary   care   physicians   out   of   113   working   in   the territory  of  Brescia  were  contacted  by  personalised  mailing  and   invited   to   participate   in   a   working   group   on   GINA  guidelines  under  the  auspices  of  the  local  health  authority
and   the   Italian   Society   for   Paediatric   Respiratory   Diseases  (SIMRI).  We  organised  six  joint  meetings  focused  on  asthma
diagnosis,   therapy   and   communication,   with   educational  material,  to  which  primary  care  physicians  were  invited  to  bring  cases  they  perceived  as  being  difficult.  The  guidelines  and   educational   material   -   together   with   a   rapid   access specialist service for confirmation and advice, if necessary, on patient  management  -  were  then  offered  to  all  primary  care physicians throughout the local health authority.

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